Do you ever look at other painters doing stunning adult eye designs at cool events and think "I want to do that too"?

If the answer to that is YES!, then this course will help you get there.

The Glitterbox founder, Hannah Padden, wants to share the facepainting and business expertise she's been honing since 2012. Not only does she teach the 9 exact painting techniques used by the Glitterbox Team, she also shows how to layer those up into 8 dazzling eye designs for you to use in your own portfolio. And if that wasn't enough, there's a sneak peek inside her kit bag, lessons on understanding faceshape and flattery, as well as two bonus modules you won't want to miss.

What you'll learn on Dazzling Eye Designs:

You can see the curriculum below, but here's a bit more detail for you...

  • WOW! An exclusive look into Hannah's Glitterbox Kit Bag

  • Video tutorials showing you how to do the 9 painting techniques that the Glitterbox Team use to create their spectacular designs

  • Colourbase, Stencilling, Teardrops, Dots, Stars, Swirls, Animal Print, Glitter and Line Work

  • 8 Adult Eye Designs that you can use in your own portfolio

  • Winged Wonder, Pure Petals, Classic Club, Ibiza Glitter, Male Neon, Male Metallic and the Exclusive Glitterbox Signature and Academy Looks

  • How to understand and plan for your canvas - looking at face shapes and skin types and how to flatter them

  • Critiques of good and bad designs from The Glitterbox Archives

  • "Behind The Glitter" Hacks - top tips The Glitterbox Team use

  • BONUS MODULE - How to get in to new markets

  • BONUS MODULE - Legals: the must-have paperwork


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  • How much is the course?

    It's £360, which includes VAT.

  • Why should I learn with The Glitterbox Academy?

    Hannah is sharing the in-depth knowledge and skill-set she has built up from scratch since 2012. She's showing you the techniques that she has learned, honed and passed on to her talented team of artists. These are the techniques that have taken her from one-woman-band to owner of a hugely successful facepainting agency. It is not often a world-class expert like Hannah opens the doors and shares the secrets of her success. Grab the opportunity with both hands!

  • Who is the course aimed at?

    This course is aimed at people who may paint professionally already but who are looking to broaden their portfolio. The first thing we teach are the individual painting techniques used in the final designs. If you're a beginner this is your chance to learn them. If you're already a painter, you'll get to see The Glitterbox techniques that may differ from your own.

  • What if I’m a total beginner?

    The course is perfect for beginners, as it includes a shopping list from scratch and takes you through step-by-step. It will just take practice to get to grips with the brush techniques, but the joy of the format is you can replay the instructional videos as much as you like, and at your own pace.

  • How do you teach the course?

    The course is a mix of presentation slides with voice over and video tutorials. All painting techniques are shown as video tutorials. All of the complete eye designs are also shown as video tutorials on a male and female model. There are 9 techniques, 2 male eye designs and 6 female eye designs. The 9 techniques you learn can be layered up so that you can continue to create your own designs.

  • How long will the course take me to do?

    There are 10 modules, 2 bonus ones plus 30 video tutorials showcasing each painting technique and eye design. You can go through entirely at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you need. Then it's up to you to get practising!

  • Do I need to buy a lot of kit to do the course?

    We supply a shopping list in the first module detailing all the kit we use in the course. Have a look at the images below these FAQs to give you a better idea. You don't have to use the same colour schemes as us for your paints and glitters but we do recommend getting the brushes as they are our main tool.

  • Are you affiliated with a particular brand?

    No, we're not. You will see that we use a huge variety of brands. You'll get a very honest look into a professional kit bag.

  • Where can I see the full curriculum?

    See below for the module titles. Click on each one and it'll expand to show you more.

This the kit we used on all 8 eye designs and 9 techniques. We provide a shopping list if you want to get everything from scratch. You can use different colour schemes from us but we do recommend getting the brushes.

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Your Teacher

Glitterbox founder, Hannah Padden

Hannah Padden

Founder of The Glitterbox

Hannah Padden

Hannah Padden created The Glitterbox shortly before the London Olympics 2012. She quickly won the contract to be the only painter inside the Olympic Park. A press frenzy followed leading to an influx of new clients and a diary packed with events. >>>>> It wasn’t long before Hannah expanded from a one-woman band into running a team of professional artists. She developed the walkabout kit meaning that The Glitterbox was a facepainting company with a difference – this was event performance. >>>>> In 2019, The Glitterbox continues to be a successful facepainting agency including many celebrity clients and famous brands such as Aperol Spritz, The Brit Awards, Deliveroo, Google, H&M, Jet2 Holidays, Levis, M&C Saatchi, Orange, River Island, Selfridges, The Southbank Centre, Sweaty Betty, TUI, Twitter, Virgin, Warner Bros and YouTube as well as many birthday, wedding, hen-do and festival revellers. >>>>> Hannah’s artistic background and interests include completing an Art Foundation and later a post-graduate certificate in professional drawing practice from Central Saint Martins. >>>>> After graduating from Bristol University with an English and Drama degree, she went on to work in PR in the film industry honing her events management and client care skills. >>>>> She now wants to share her tricks of the trade, so that you can create your own brand of sparkle at exciting events.

Course Curriculum

Click on each one to reveal more detail

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Introduction and Contents
  • 2

    Module 1 - Kit

    • Inside Han's Kit, What You'll Need for the Course, Brushes and Paints
    • Stencils, Glitters, Sundries and Safe Removal of Paint
    • Watch: Take A Look Inside Hannah's Glitterbox Kit
    • Course Shopping List
  • 3

    Module 2 - Faceshape, Skin Type and Flattery

    • Faceshape and Skin Type
    • Flattery and When to Stop
    • Watch: Know When To Stop
  • 4

    Module 3 - Layering, Mapping and Colourbase

    • Layering and Mapping
    • Watch: Peeling off the Layers
    • Colourbase
    • Watch: How to Apply Colurbase
  • 5

    Module 4 - Stencils

    • Why and How We Use Stencils
    • Watch: How to Apply Stencils
  • 6

    Module 5 - Petals

    • How to do Petals and Foliage
    • Watch: How to do Petals and Foliage
    • Behind the Glitter Extra - Flora Brush Petals, Plus see the Petals in our Academy Look
    • Watch: Behind The Glitter Extra - Creating Petals with a Flora Brush
    • Watch: The Petal Layer in our Academy Look
  • 7

    Module 6 - Swirls

    • Swirls - What they're for and how to do them
    • Watch: How to do Swirls
    • Bad Swirls, Behind the Glitter Extra - Cut through swirls, Plus see the swirls in our Academy Look
    • Watch: Behind the Glitter Extra - Cut-Through Swirls
    • Watch: The Swirls Layer in our Academy Look
  • 8

    Module 7 - Stars, Dots, Teardrops and Thick & Thin Lines

    • Why we use Stars, Dots, Teardrops and Thick & Thin Lines
    • How to do Stars, Behind the Glitter Extra - Turning Stars to Snowflakes, How to do Dots
    • Watch: How to do Stars
    • Watch: Behind the Glitter Extra - Turning Stars into Snowflakes
    • Watch: How to do Dots
    • How to do Teardrops, How to do Thick and Thin Lines
    • Watch: How to do Teardrops
    • Watch: How to do Thick and Thin Lines
    • See the Teardops, Stars and Dots in our Academy Look
    • Watch: The Star Layer in our Academy Look
    • Watch: The Dot Layer in our Academy Look
    • Watch: The Teardrop Layer in our Academy Look
  • 9

    Module 8 - Animal Print and Glitter

    • How to do Animal Print, See the Animal Print Layer in our Academy Look
    • Watch: How to do Animal Print
    • Watch: The Animal Print Layer in our Academy Look
    • All about Glitter; how to use it and how to apply it. Plus see the Glitter Layer in our Academy Look
    • Watch: How to Apply Glitter
    • Watch: The Glitter Layer in our Academy Look
    • Learn how to create the Classic Ibiza Glitter look
    • Watch: How to Create the Classic Ibiza Glitter Look
  • 10

    Module 9 - Male Glamour

  • 11

    Module 10 - Four Essential Faces

    • Learn how to create 2 fabulous faces: Classic Club in Leopard & Gold and Winged Wonder
    • Watch: How to Create the Classic Club Look in Leopard and Gold
    • Watch: How to Create the Winged Wonder Look
    • Learn how to create 2 fabulous faces: Pure Petals and The Glitterbox Signature Look
    • Watch: How to create the Pure Petal Look
    • Watch: How to Create the Glitterbox Signature Look
    • Learn the Academy Look in full. Plus Behind The Glitter Extra - Think 5
    • Watch: How to Create the Academy Look (in full)
  • 12

    Bonus Module - Legals - What you Need to Know

    • Legal Requirements of Being a Facepainter
  • 13

    Bonus Module - Guide to Getting in to New Markets

    • Portfolio, Social Media, Client Contact and How Not To Be Annoying. Plus Behind The Glitter Extra - Game Face
  • 14

    Course Summary and Goodbye

    • You've Done It - Hurrah! Here's a Round Up

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