Hi, I'm Hannah - Founder of The Glitterbox Academy

I've started The Glitterbox Academy to share the professional facepainting skills I've honed since launching The Glitterbox in 2012. I will teach you painting techniques and designs that you can use in your own portfolio as well as practical information and advice to help your business grow.

Bigger Portfolio = Bigger Bank Balance

I started out mainly doing kids' parties, but soon realised that adults wanted to be part of the facepainting action too.

I developed the Glitterbox Signature Adult Eye Designs, which massively increased my booking power and turnover, and now the majority of our work is at exciting corporate events, weddings and parties.

From my online research, I discovered that the painters that follow me are keen to expand their portfolios and get more work at a wider variety of events.

My mission with our courses is to share The Glitterbox adult eye designs and techniques that'll take you from kids' party painter to adult event artist.

By improving your skillset, portfolio and confidence, it's a sure fire way to increase your revenue stream.

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  • What courses do you currently have and how much are they?

    We have Dazzling Eye Designs For Grown-Ups - £360 Monochrome Sugar Skull - £19.99 Ornate Floral Sugar Skull - £19.99 Both Sugar Skulls together - £29.99

  • Why should I learn with The Glitterbox Academy?

    Hannah is sharing the in-depth knowledge and skill-set she has built up from scratch since 2012. She's showing you the techniques that she has learned, honed and passed on to her talented team of artists. These are the techniques that have taken her from one-woman-band to owner of a hugely successful facepainting agency. It is not often a world-class expert like Hannah opens the doors and shares the secrets of her success. Grab the opportunity with both hands!

  • Where can I see the full curriculums?

    Take a look at the course pages. All details are there.

  • Who are the courses aimed at?

    Dazzling Eye Designs For Grown-Ups is aimed at people who may paint professionally already but who are looking to broaden their portfolio. The first thing we teach are the individual painting techniques used in the final designs. If you're a beginner this is your chance to learn them. If you're already a painter, you'll get to see The Glitterbox techniques that may differ from your own. The Sugar Skulls will be easier for you if you have some painting experience but can be attempted with no experience - you'll just have to practice the techniques more.

  • What if I'm a total beginner?

    All courses are fine for beginners, as they include a shopping list from scratch and take you through each element step-by-step. It will just take practice to get to grips with the brush techniques, but the joy of the format is you can replay the instructional videos as much as you like, and at your own pace.

  • How do you teach the courses?

    Dazzling Eye Designs For Grown-Ups is a mix of presentation slides with voice over and video tutorials. The Sugar Skulls are video tutorials and a shopping list.

  • How long will the course take me to do?

    The Monochrome Sugar Skull is just over 15 minutes, the Ornate Floral Sugar Skull is just over 25 minutes. On Dazzling Eye Designs For Grown-Ups there are 10 modules, 2 bonus ones plus 30 video tutorials showcasing each painting technique and eye design. You can go through entirely at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you need. Then it's up to you to get practising!

  • Do I need to buy a lot of kit to do the course?

    We supply shopping lists detailing all the kit we use in the course. For the Sugar Skulls check out the course pages for complete shopping lists. For Dazzling Eye Designs For Grown-Ups there's a photo of the kit on the course sales page. You don't have to use the same colour schemes as us for your paints and glitters but we do recommend getting the brushes as they are our main tool.

  • Are you affiliated with particular brands?

    No, but we'd like to be! (Wink wink) You will see that we use a huge variety of brands. You'll get a very honest look into a professional kit bag.

Teacher - Dazzling Eye Designs For Grown-Ups

Hannah Padden

Founder of The Glitterbox

Hannah Padden

Hannah Padden created The Glitterbox shortly before the London Olympics 2012. She quickly won the contract to be the only painter inside the Olympic Park. A press frenzy followed leading to an influx of new clients and a diary packed with events. >>>>> It wasn’t long before Hannah expanded from a one-woman band into running a team of professional artists. She developed the walkabout kit meaning that The Glitterbox was a facepainting company with a difference – this was event performance. >>>>> In 2019, The Glitterbox continues to be a successful facepainting agency including many celebrity clients and famous brands such as Aperol Spritz, The Brit Awards, Deliveroo, Google, H&M, Jet2 Holidays, Levis, M&C Saatchi, Orange, River Island, Selfridges, The Southbank Centre, Sweaty Betty, TUI, Twitter, Virgin, Warner Bros and YouTube as well as many birthday, wedding, hen-do and festival revellers. >>>>> Hannah’s artistic background and interests include completing an Art Foundation and later a post-graduate certificate in professional drawing practice from Central Saint Martins. >>>>> After graduating from Bristol University with an English and Drama degree, she went on to work in PR in the film industry honing her events management and client care skills. >>>>> She now wants to share her tricks of the trade, so that you can create your own brand of sparkle at exciting events.

Teacher - Sugar Skulls

Louisa Stevens

Senior Painter

Louisa Stevens

Hello, I'm Louisa and I've been lucky enough to be painting with The Glitterbox since 2014. I come from a performing and performance teaching background and I realised I was always happiest when in the make-up chair. Combined with my lifelong loves of people, pattern and colour working in face and body art is a perfect fit. I love nothing more than forming connections with people while I paint them; whether it's getting actors in to character, bringing extra glamour to someone's look for an event or bringing a child's imagination to life. I get huge satisfaction from my work and I'm so excited to be able to share my painting skills with a wider audience with these tutorials for The Glitterbox Academy.

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